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Business Payment Account

Our goal is to help underbanked businesses to gain access to secure and reliable banking services. With a Pervesk business IBAN account, your company will be able to make use of financial services at highly competitive rates.

European IBAN for international payments

Business accounts made simple

Convenient access to global payments
Bulk online payment services
Multi-user access to your account
Secure online payment system, featuring bank statements and reports
Ideal for enterprises that are overlooked by traditional financial service providers

European IBAN

If you are a business looking to trade internationally, with our European IBAN you can conduct business abroad and stay in control of your funds 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

European IBAN for international payments

Safety first

  • Pervesk combines the best security features and provides industry-leading account security so that our clients can have peace of mind when it comes to their finances.

  • Customer Due Diligence (CCD) is an integral part of Pervesk services. We have developed an advanced KYC platform to allow us to properly identify and monitor customers.

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Corporate Account

Application fee: free
Monthly fee: € 5
Internal transactions: free
SEPA (outgoing): € 0.1
SEPA (incoming): free
SWIFT (outgoing): 0.2%
(Fixed fee: € 7)
SWIFT (incoming): € 10
FX (currency exchange): 0.5%
Monthly inactivity fee: € 25
Account closure fee: free

Corporate Account + For high risk industries and non EEA regions

Application fee: € 200
Monthly fee: € 50
Internal transactions: free
SEPA (outgoing): 0.04%
(min. fee € 2, max. fee € 200)
SEPA (incoming): free
SWIFT (outgoing): 0.2%
(Fixed fee: € 7)
SWIFT (incoming): € 10
FX (currency exchange): 0.65%
Monthly inactivity fee: € 200
Account closure fee: € 200

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