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Know Your Customer Services

Pervesk offers a highly customisable KYC platform to ensure that your business is fully compliant with EU regulations.

Ensure KYC Services with Pervesk

A complete solution for all your KYC needs

EU regulation compliant

Our KYC solution complies with GDPR and KYC regulations in the EU.

Global coverage

Remotely onboard, verify and monitor people from around the world.

Easy to integrate

Save time and start using Pervesk KYC services in less than a day.


All user information and data channels are encrypted for maximum safety.

Highly customisable

Various customisation options allow you to create a tailored KYC solution.

Compatible with multiple platforms

We support the most common OS, including iOS and Android SDK, and web browsers.

How does digital onboarding work?

  • Fill out the questionnaire

  • Submit your ID

  • Take a selfie

  • Done!

Use cases

  • Financial Services

    Both licenced financial institutions and financial intermediaries can utilize our KYC solution to completely outsource their KYC processes, ensure regulatory compliance and significantly reduce associated operational costs.

  • Gaming and Gambling

    Our KYC solution enables online gaming and gambling companies to meet KYC, AML regulations. It offers a fast and intuitive KYC process, with high conversion rates.

  • Marketplaces and Sharing Economy

    Pervesk offers a KYC solution that is tailored for non-financial institutions to help small and medium service providers satisfy their KYC and AML obligations when onboarding new clients.