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White Label Solutions

Whether you are a newcomer in the financial market or an incumbent operator looking for an upgrade, Pervesk has a modern solution for your payment needs.

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IBAN account for your business

IBAN type accounts are used to help your company to improve the processing of cross-border transactions, reducing the risk of transcription errors. These accounts allow you to accept and make SEPA payments according to your business or client’s needs. Tailored API services allow you to control and manage your IBAN from your own environment.

Improved cross-border transactions with IBAN account

Licensed Financial Institutions

Any licensed financial institution can use Pervesk white label payment solution as their core banking system.

Non-financial Institutions

Companies that want to offer payment services to their clients can become white label operators (agents or distributors) without the need to gain a licence.
Blue white label debit card.

Offer debit cards to your customer base

White label card solutions allow financial service providers to start issuing debit cards without going through the lengthy licencing and development procedures.

Pervesk card issuing service will save your time and recources, as well as provide your clients with a unique opportunity to claim their own VISA debit cards.

Co-branded cards

Issue VISA debit cards in your own custom design, while Pervesk will provide the required legal framework and software.

White label cards

Take advantage of the complete debit card issuance structure. Both payment instruments and software will be issued under the client’s brand name.

BIN sponsorship

If you already possess the infrastructure for maintaining card services, however, do not have the relevant license yet, Pervesk is ready to sponsor your card issuance process.

How does it work?

Newcomer and Acquiring Banks

Electronic Money & Payment Institutions

Payment Service Providers

Independent Merchants

Agents and Distributors

Pervesk Payment API

KYC and AML platform

Pervesk Payment Gateway

White Label Business Intelligence Platform

Traditional Payment Services

Acquiring Services

Payment Card Services

Credit transfers

IBAN Acquiring

Money transfer acquiring

IBAN accounts

Payment cards acquiring

Alternative payments acquiring

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