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Execution of the periodic payment order agreement

UAB Pervesk, legal entity code 304186270 (hereinafter „the Institution"), registered office address Gedimino av. 5, LT-01103 Vilnius, and the Customer, on the basis of a mutually concluded Electronic Money and Payment Agreement, has entered into this Periodic Payment Agreement (hereinafter „the Agreement") under which the Customer obligated the Institution to periodically transfer electronic money (hereinafter „money") from the Customer's electronic money and payment account to the Customer's Beneficiary's account specified by the Customer under the following conditions:

  1. The Agreement shall be concluded electronically, based on the agreement between the Institution and the Customer on the provision of electronic services.
  2. The Institution and the Customer, when concluding the Agreement, agree that the Customer obliges the Institution to transfer the money at the periodicity specified in the periodic payment order, and the Institution undertakes to transfer the money to the beneficiary's account specified by the Customer.
  3. The Institution and the Customer agree that the day of the periodic payment transfer order shall be deemed to be the day of the execution of the periodic payment order submitted to the Institution.
  4. The relationship between the Institution and the Customer arising from the provision of the periodic payment transfer service by the Institution shall also be governed by general terms and conditions for the provision of services, which together with the list of services and transaction price lists (Price List) shall form an integral part of the Agreement.
  5. The Customer is responsible for the correctness of the data provided in the Agreement and the periodic payment order.
  6. The Institution shall execute the number of transfers specified in the periodic payment order up to and including the specified date of the last transfer. If the Customer wishes to change the data of the periodic payment, he/she shall terminate the concluded Agreement and conclude a new Agreement, specifying new data of periodic payment.
  7. The date of the transfer is calculated based on the date of the first transfer and the periodicity specified by the Customer.
  8. If the date of the transfer coincides with a day off or a holiday (hereinafter „the non-business day"), the transfer to the beneficiary's account with the Institution shall be executed on the same day and the transfer to the beneficiary's account held with another financial institution shall be executed on the next business day of the institution, taking into account the Customer's choice specified in the periodic payment order.
  9. The Institution transfers the money only if there is sufficient funds on the Customer's account to make the transfer and to debit the transaction, the account is not seized or otherwise restricted by the right of the Customer to dispose of the funds in the account.
  10. If the Customer has concluded more than one Agreement and the transfer dates indicated therein coincide, the transfers shall be executed in the order in which the Agreements are concluded.
  11. The Customer pays to the institution the fees for periodic transfers, which are stated in the Institution's Price List valid on the day of execution of the order.
  12. The Institution shall have the right to unilaterally change the terms of the Agreement by giving the Customer 60 (sixty) calendar days prior notice to any significant reason, if the intended changes do not substiantally worsen the Payer's position.
  13. The Institution shall have the right to terminate the Agreement by notifying the Customer at least 60 calendar (sixty) days in advance.