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How do I submit the "Know Your Customer" form correctly?

The "Know Your Customer" form is mandatory for both natural and legal persons.{br} <ul><strong>If you are a natural person</strong>, you can complete and submit this form online. You can do this by clicking on this <a>link</a> and selecting "Open Account". {br} <strong>If you are a legal entity</strong>, you can download this form <a2>here</a2>. We recommend that you fill the form using <a3>Adobe Acrobat Reader</a3> (instructions can be found <a4>here</a4>). You can also do this by using Chrome web browser (instructions can be found <a5>here</a5>) or by hand after printing it. The completed form must be signed. You can do this in the following ways: {br}<ul2>{dash} Sign it digitally using the same <a3>Adobe Acrobat Reader</a3>. Find out how to do that <a7>here</a7>. {br} {dash} Print, sign and scan it.</ul2></ul> {br} A completed and signed application form must be sent by email <email>[email protected]</email>.