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What documents do I need to open a Pervesk account for a Legal Entity?

Pervesk business accounts may be opened by the company’s CEO or legal representative. Companies established outside Lithuania must submit the following documents:
  • Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation or Extract from the local Register of Commerce;
  • Certified copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association (AoA);
  • Certified copy of the Company’s Register of Directors;
  • Certified copy of a valid identification document (passport/ID) for each Beneficial Owner, Authorised Signatory and Director of the Company;
  • Signed copy of the Company’s shareholder structure.
Please take into account that we only accept officially certified documents translated into English, i.e. the document has to be certified as a true copy of the original or legalised with an apostille (the only exception is the Legal Entity questionnaire). After all the documents mentioned above have been received, we will be able to initiate the account opening process. Please note that Pervesk’s compliance team may require additional documents.